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Goggled #goggles

Goggled #goggles

Jordi, this made me think of you. And it could soon be your life, should that be what you choose xD

I just supported Hex Heroes - A Party RTS Game on @ThunderclapIt // @PrismaticGames


Everyone needs to watch this 

This.. Why.. No.. This is so distressing

Kirby Triple Deluxe, 3DS - 2 May

Mario Kart 8, Wii U - 30 May

Super Smash Bros. 3DS - Summer 2014

Super Smash Bros. Wii U - Winter 2014

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, 3DS - Early 2015



I want to own a closet full of blazers styled after those bloody half-jackets that seems to be a part of every damned anime military uniform.

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy look closer than ever as they cuddle up for PDA on Malibu beach.

Matt going for the butt


E3 demo - Link

But Link’s left-handed..?

This morning I defeated the Pokemon League and became the new Champion. And upon doing so it dawned upon me that Pokemon Y is the first Pokemon game that I have played through to the end. WELP.







"Rape culture is the worst kind of teacher our kids are learning the most from. It teaches women that it is their responsibility to not get raped. It teaches men that boys will be boys. It teaches us that a short skirt and a smile is asking for it.”

Forever reblog. They give me goosebumps every time

What the fuck even is Muse

I’ve been watching these GIFs for 5 minutes and they just get funnier each fucking time